"Sports 4 kids let’s me do what I love the most which is play football . And keeps me focused and out of trouble."

Elijah (S4TK Athlete)

"Sports 4 The Kids made a difference in my life because they have given me a chance to play football. My mom can’t work A lot of hours because of her leg. This helped me and my family and I’m ready to perform and break records for our team this year."

James (S4TK Athlete)

"I do better in school and have made some really close friends and me and my coach have become good buddies and yes I have reached my goals."

Hunter (S4TK Athlete)

"It made a difference in my life by having to keep track of what I was eating and how much exercise I did. When cheerleading, I’m very active but realized that when I’m not I don’t stay physically active as much as I should. I think now I’ll continue to think about it and try to stay active on a regular basis and include more fruits and vegetables in my diet too."

Toryn (S4TK Athlete)

"The scholarship has impacted my family because it has gotten my daughter to be more active outside of the house and she has starting drinking more water and choosing more healthier items."

Desiree (S4TK Parent)

"The G4TK program not only helped my sons but it also helped all of us as a family to get and stay in shape."

Ebony (S4TK Parent)

"The scholarship was a benefit to me because it’s is allowing my daughter to participate in a activity that she loves to do"

Erica (S4TK Parent)

" PrACTice like a champion. Play / Act with class on and off the field."

Don (Central Florida Youth Football League)

"I was told this as a child and still remember it....I also, tell every child I coach this same quote... GOOD players inspire themselves and GREAT players inspire others."

Greg Hardy (Florida Youth Football Coach for the Dominators)