An athletic trainer/therapist will provide families and athletes with age-appropriate, materials and resources focused on proper techniques for strengthening, stretching, and conditioning to be stronger, more mobile and prevent injury.  Goals 4 the Kids Program promotes healthy routines leading to healthier lifestyles.

Each athlete may keep a weekly G4TK Log to be signed by both parent/guardian and coach to monitor the completion of exercise goals. If technology is available, download the free APP or use the UNDER ARMOUR website’s meal/exercise plan. (although this APP requires age 18 and up – parents may sign up to utilize the APP and assist athletes with their goals)

Sports 4 the Kids Scholarship application will acquire baseline data of a child’s age, height, and weight to exhibit Goals 4 the Kids Program results at the end of a season. At the beginning of the season the coach may conduct a Weigh-In and determine a Body Mass Index (BMI) for each athlete. At the end of the season, the team has the opportunity to repeat the testing and determine BMI changes. Healthy BMI results will reflect if Goals 4 the Kids were achieved. (HELPFUL LINKS BELOW FOR PERSONAL EXERCISE PLAN)