Goals 4 the Kids Program focuses on the importance of maintaining good grades to participate on a team. Most athletic programs have requirements for each athlete to maintain a 2.3 GPA or above. At the beginning of the season children will provide the coach with a copy of their most recent progress report. If a student falls below a 2.3 GPA, they will be placed on academic probation. The student may present weekly progress reports to their coaches to ensure they are working towards academic goals. Sports 4 The Kids will not provide a scholarship or future scholarships to a child with lower than a 2.3 GPA. Grades and education are a priority. At the end of the season, students with higher GPA’s, and those who have shown the greatest improvements in school, will be rewarded with special recognition from the Sports 4 the Kids Team. G4TK STUDY HABITS K-8 G4TK STUDY HABITS 9-12

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