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Become a Part of the Sports 4 the Kids Solution – Make a Donation Today, and Change a Child’s Life Forever.

It does not matter how big or small, your donation will go towards helping a financially disadvantaged child be able to participate in sports. With over 1,700 homeless children is Seminole County, and over 10,000 homeless children in the greater Central Florida area, these kids need our help now more than ever before. These kids deserve an opportunity to pursue their dreams of participating in sports and you have an opportunity to help with this by donating to Sports 4 the Kids.

All Sports 4 the Kids donors, no matter how big or small, will receive e-newsleters and updates with testimonials from children and parents that your donations have helped. We want all of our donors who helped provide these opportunities to feel connected to these families and children and to know how deeply thankful we are for your financial contribution.

There are three different ways you can donate.

Become a Sports 4 the Kids Community Supporter Today!

Option One

For only $15 a month (approximately 50 cents a day)  you can sponsor one child and give that child an opportunity to participate in sports. Click here if you would like to donate $15 a month to provide a child with an opportunity to participate in sports today. You can set it up as an auto withdrawal.

What will you receive? A thank you letter to show how much your donation meant to the child you helped.  Pay it Forward – and give a child the chance he/she deserves!

Option Two

Make a one-time donation, whether it is $10.00 or $1,000, it does not matter how big or how small your donation is – Every donation counts!

What will you receive? A thank you letter to show how much your donation meant to the child or group of children you helped. Remember on average it takes approximately $200 to help one child for one season.

Option Three

Business/Organization Donation – If your business or organization would like to make a nominal donation and become an official community partner of Sports 4 the Kids you can do so by clicking the button below.

Donations are the lifeblood to our organization; without the support of our local businesses and our community, Sports 4 the Kids would not be able to help as many children.

These kids are never given an opportunity to participate in sports programs because sports cost money.

  1. Registration Fees
  2. Equipment
  3. Transportation

We have estimated the average cost to enroll a child in a youth sports program is about $200.

At some point in our lives, we must stop and ask ourselves how have we have helped our community. How have we helped others that have needed help? Here is your chance to change a child’s life right now, to give a child a chance to play sports, and maybe receive an athletic scholarship to attend college. A child’s potential will never be realized if never given the opportunity. Today is your chance to give that child the golden opportunity to play sports.